Paperweights and Glass Artwork of HeinerDüsterhaus

Gold and platinum are precious metals and have been used and combined with crystal already in the early days of glassmaking. Both metals are being used by me and are fused with and in the glass. It is also my  MY INDIVIDUALITY  my personal individuality  that I am using exclusively float-glass. Thus, my Paperweights , plates, bowls, and vases are created by several layers of glass. They are painted by hand and then fused together at a temperature of 800 degrees Celsius. Each plate is unique! ThePaperweights are manufactured as in series, but everyone is also hand-painted and, therefore, for me also unique! When forming the plates and bowls the float-glass sheets are placed in ceramic moulds. At an approximate temperature of 700 degrees Celsius the sheets are transformed into a bowl or a plate. Find out more about my techniques in the chapter " INDIVIDUALITY "




The Plates

Teller 400x400mm Titel: Rainbowscenery 2003
Plate 400 mm ,Fusing technique in 3 layers
(Gold and Platin between the layers)


The vases

Vase paintet with luster technique h=18cm

The book objects

The house objects

Die Paperweights

Picture 20 cm in a metal frame. Title: "Flower's" Fusing technique in 6 layers.


1949 Born in Paderborn, Westphalia

1964 - 1970 Apprenticeship and time of service as a journeyman at the

glass-painter Enrico Zappini, Paderborn

1967 - 1970 Voluntary drawing lessons at Hannes Pink

1970 -1972 Trade school for glass in Hadamar; masters certificate

Since 1972 Designer in the glassware industry

Since 1978 Own workshop in Bad Driburg; address under EigenArt

1972 - 1976 Prizes in the competition Young Craftsmanship in the

State of North-Rhine-Westphalia

1985 Participation 2nd Coburg Glass-Prize

1988 Participation International Exhibition of Glass-craft 1988 in Japan

1991-92-94 Participation in the exhibition Skilled Crafts in the Region Weserbergland

1998 Exhibition Art Gallery Im roten Turm, Sommerhausen

2001 Exhibition Gallery Kocken, Kevelaer